"Bela visited our teachers during a routine faculty meeting after school. It was a departure from the usual gatherings but spoke to my personal needs very directly. As a teacher and parent of elementary school children there is little time in the day to catch a moment for myself. My energy and patience are frequently waning by the time the school day ends and it’s time to put on my mom hat again. Bela shared simple, time-efficient strategies to regain some balance so that I thoughtfully respond rather than react to challenges that invariably come with tired children, homework, dinner and bedtime." Katie Peck - The Ensworth School - First Grade Teacher


"I take a mindfulness class with Mrs. Herring.  It helps me before tests and to cool myself down, therefore it is a lifesaver."- Ross S. - Mindful Morning Student - MBA Student - Grade 7 - Age 12


"Bela's care and compassion for each of us, our children and our ambitions as parents were apparent in every session. Not only in the lesson but beyond, with her personal follow up and attention. She is truly one of a kind. I  learned so much about myself and my children all while developing a better understanding of mindfulness and meditation. She shared personal stories, drew learnings out of our own stories, and gave us tools to use every day. And my husband came each week…and LIKED IT." - Nicole Onufrey - Mindful Parenting Class Participant


"Because of my background in nursing and family therapy, I am intrigued by the interconnectedness between the mind and the body. As I was starting my own professional practice, I decided to try mindfulness this fall. Through mindfulness training, Bela worked with me to live in the present despite my circumstances and challenges for that particular day. Although it sounded simple, the notion of being present was countercultural and difficult to fully embrace. Mindfulness incorporated a thoughtful intention and gratitude that has been beneficial for both my personal and professional life. She also worked with my three children to develop an age appropriate awareness of their mind and body and the words to describe it. Bela’s strong belief in mindfulness practice and commitment to her clients is inspiring. I am grateful to have worked with such a strong advocate for mental health and am excited she is bringing mindfulness to Nashville. " Kate Pennington, MMFT 


"Bela's commitment to helping children navigate the tidal waves of stimuli in our present day society is inspiring and palpable. She is always leading by example as she is one of the most mindful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Children listen to her and respect her. She guides them in a calm, nurturing, yet challenging manner. My two very active boys walked away from her Mindfulness Camp with tools that they have been able to use in everyday life. They now have the knowledge of simple yet powerful strategies to help them self-regulate their emotions and reactions to common stressors and circumstances around them. " Liza Canale -  Mindful Parenting Class Participant and Parent of Mindful Mornings' 7th grader at MBA


"Bela Herring offered an introduction to Mindfulness to the entire Ensworth Lower School faculty early in school year 2017. The impact on teachers, and students, could be felt throughout the entire division for the whole year. Bela’s warm and welcoming manner opened each individual to the limitless possibilities of simple practices that offer the potential to change lives.  Many teachers began to implement mindfulness moments and they found students to be very receptive. The impact of calm, focused awareness for school and life success cannot be overestimated. Bela Herring lives and practices what she teaches; I highly recommend her, with gratitude."    Bruce Libonn - Head of Lower School - The Ensworth School 

"My 6th grade son has been attending a mindfulness class once a week for the past 7 months with Bela.  Benefits are many, but the most obvious was my son saying how he learned to focus and calm his thoughts before a test.  He has learned that it is possible to control, in a positive way, his reactions to the events of a day.  Powerful tools for children to learn during childhood." - Kim Sonday

"Mindfulness has been such a blessing to our daughter.  Children of today are often bombarded with technology and over-booked schedules.   Mindfulness has enriched our daughter by teaching her how to slow down and focus on what her mind and body is saying.  She has learned the skill of calming herself and relaxing her mind. Our daughter has a tendency to “bottle up” and eventually have an explosion of emotions.  I can truly say, that mindfulness taught her how to not let frustrations build up and how to deal with emotions head on and in a healthy way. " - Jennifer Mackenzie - Parent of Harding Academy 6th grader


"Once upon a time, I was a woman who believed that when I had children, showering them with love, instilling good values, teaching them that there are consequences for their actions, and setting high expectations was the key to raising happy, respectful kids. And then, I had kids. 
I am not sure when it happened but now, instead of being showered with all my love, I behave more like they do. They scream, I scream. They get angry, I get angry right back.  They throw a fit, I can TOTALLY out-do them. 
After a particularly chaotic morning of refereeing a fight over who is wearing whose shoes, enduring more anger because I have nothing in the house that is worthy of eating,  running late to get everyone to school, and then the dog getting sick all over my new carpet, my dearest friend asked me if I wanted to sign up for a mindfulness parenting class. 
It seemed like a sign. I signed up, not having a clue of what I was getting into. The thought of an hour with no one making any demands sounded like a good idea. 
That is when I met Bela. She quickly communicated that our hour was a no stress zone, the only expectations were the ones we wanted to have, and that the simple practice of mindfulness each day can truly help restore our individual relationships with our family members and ourselves. 
Of course,I wasn’t convinced.  However, sitting in a peaceful room with other parents who were facing similar struggles, kept me returning.
Bela explained that mindfulness doesn’t take excessive amounts of time to benefit from the results.  
So, I practiced the mindfulness techniques for 2 minutes three times a day, maybe not everyday, but I tried. After several weeks, I realized how much happier and more tolerant I had been.  
Bela helped me understand that mindfulness doesn’t take away your problems or change how others are behaving or make your kids clean their rooms.  Mindfulness makes you a better person in your life for yourself and for those you love. 
Bela Herring is a calming force and a gifted teacher. Her desire to help others benefit from a mindfulness practice is evident by her patient and caring instruction and individualized help she selflessly shares with each student. 
Thank you Bela for sharing this gift. " - Linda Sonkin - Mindful Parenting Class Participant


"Bela shared her time with us during an intimate book study at Westminster Presbyterian Church (about finding true joy in the world), demonstrating not only her amazing ability to teach and lead a mindfulness session, but also her flexibility in reaching an audience of varied backgrounds and ages. Bela showed respect, calm, and a deep appreciation and understanding of mindfulness. She explained in simple terms how taking just a few minutes to meditate daily or even a few times a week can help one find inner peace to face the ups and downs of life."     Kathy Billings - 


"In Bela's camp, I learned that when I get angry with my brother I need to walk away because I have a choice of how I can react". Liam Eadie, Grade 6 - Harding Academy


"I learned how to do 'the square' to help me calm down". Benjamin Eadie, Grade 4 - Harding Academy


"Bela Herring is a master educator who is able to teach mindfulness to children as well as adults.  Able to apply lessons learned from diverse cultures where she has lived and studied, Bela is able to connect with students of all ages and professionals across diverse career fields--and teach them the art of mindfulness, empathy and appropriate responsiveness in stressful situations.  Needed skills in the modern world." Mary Kay Galentino -  Nurse and Parent of Three


"Bela is a warm, gentle soul with the intuitive strength of a warrior - a peaceful yet convicted presence woven into a tapestry of singular purpose.  She has a listening ear that discerns the significance of every detail being shared and the sensitivity to respectfully create a welcome space for the comfort and care of others.  Bela's generosity and wisdom know no bounds, and her gift of connection with people - adult and child alike - matches her limitless nature.  Her path toward mindfulness has been a deliberate honing of a true way of being. Mindfulness has charted the course of Bela's intentional way of living, and the mindful school of Nashville represents a gifted opportunity for our community." Audrey Fleming - Early Childhood Montessori Teacher and Parent - Nashville, TN   


"Bela Herring has always had a vision to make a difference... and everywhere she goes she does... in her community, in her work, in the lives of her friends and most importantly, in her home. 
I liked her from the moment I met her 18 years ago. I saw in her a passion and intentionality that is rare and I knew I needed her in my life! 
She has taught me the beauty and importance of living in the moment, of striving for integrity and authenticity, of accepting myself as perfectly imperfect and in everything to see the good. 
Her heart longs to serve, to help others see their God given potential and uniqueness and to find peace and joy in the big and small moments in life." MaryAnn Green - Nurse and Parent - Nashville, TN 


"After my son (6th grader) attended Mindful Kids Camp with Bela in the summer his coping skills dramatically improved. He learned to remain calm and peaceful during times of stress. The exercises he did have guided him to self acceptance." Julie C. -  Nurse Practitioner- Nashville, TN


“Sharing my children with Bela everyday for a week was a gift in itself. Her love of children and care for their precious hearts and emotions is profound and immense. Learning to connect with our ever changing emotions and how to respond is a challenge and difficult as a parent to teach. Bela was able not only to bring awareness to my children’s feelings, but help them identify specific emotions and channel that energy into a neutral state or a positive response. The Mindful School of Nashville is a wonderful addition to the Nashville landscape and I welcome Bela Herring's knowledge of kindness, stillness in our constant-communication lifestyle, and awareness in this frenetic world we live in.” Katherine Stratton Miller - Artist/Painter - Nashville, TN 


“I liked the body scans. I felt relaxed and peaceful.”  Max Miller- Grade 5 - Harding Academy

"The body scan taught me to relax. It can be a life saver during stress." Will - Grade 6 - Harding Academy