About The School

The Mindful School of Nashville is an outside provider of Mindfulness Practices, teachings, and support for schools, businesses, families, and individuals alike. The goal is to introduce and implement secular mindfulness practices in the lives of all in an effective, simple, and practical way, but most importantly in an adaptable and relevant way catered to the client’s needs.   In doing so one person at a time, one group/setting at a time, one environment at a time we are committed to progression (and not perfection). We are committed in supporting the discovery of living 'present-here-now' and how this paradigm shift can impact the quality of your life.

Practicing and teaching mindfulness simply means focusing attention on the present moment without judgement, and learning skills to help one see clearly and neutrally what is here and now. It is developing and creating habits to pay intentional attention (to focus on purpose to what is happening in the moment). This is a basic life skill that is underdeveloped, at times non-existent, and ultimately much needed in today's ever demanding, distracting and multi-tasking world.

 We bring you the opportunity and skills to learn to be still, and anchor yourself to the present moment. Together we create introspection, quiet, and calm. We learn that there is space between a stimulus and a response, and how valuable and essential to quality of life this 'space' truly is because it allows us to make a different choice, or a better choice in any given moment.  In mindfulness practice the journey begins with the awareness of our breath, but it develops, strengthens and grows with the endless possibilities of better focus, impulse control, recognition, acceptance and presence. 

 About Bela Herring

Bela is the founder of The Mindful School of Nashville.  Bela arrived in America in 1995 on a golf scholarship after playing many years on the Brazilian National Junior and Adult Golf Teams. Golf was Bela' first introduction to mindfulness practices at the age of 13, even though back then she was not aware of the term 'Mindfulness'. Bela holds the title of Brazilian National Golf Champion ('93 and '95) and attributes such success to her ability to have applied Mindfulness Skills on and off the course (along with endless hours of practice). After supporting  many corporations on their international endeavors upon graduating from college due to her fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish she realized quickly that her passion was being around and involved in the educational sector, being with and around children, and supporting families. 

Bela is passionate about teaching children, teenagers, and adults alike. Her goal is to make this world a better place one person at a time, one mindful moment at a time. To promote kindness, patience, acceptance, respect and awareness towards oneself and others. Beyond her private practice, and her practice in schools, corporations, and families alike, Bela is passionate about helping and supporting those in need in the local community and volunteering her time to children and families with the greatest and deepest needs. Bela is a teacher, a mom, a wife, a friend, a multi sport enthusiast, yoga fan, and nature lover.  Bela believes that her children are her greatest teachers and promoters/sources of growth and wisdom. Above all, Bela is a human being, learning and growing every day,  who often gets caught up on more of the doing than on the being. Just like everyone else's her mind swings from the past to the future in a flash. Her personal journey, diligence, discipline, and personal practice centers her and supports her well being.  With Mindfulness comes new perspective, insight, inner strength, courage, wisdom and discipline, thus she experiences today, the here and now, with a clear mind and a peaceful heart. Today, right now is where life is taking place. It is a skill that can be learned, and Bela invites you to join in this journey.  

Bela has a Bachelors Degree from Mississippi State University in Physical Education/Fitness Management, training in Early Childhood Education (ages three to six) from Age of Montessori, Mindfulness Training from Mindful Schools (Mindfulness Fundamentals Training and Mindfulness Educator Essentials), has completed Susan Kaiser Greenland's Inner Kids Training for Professionals, and Positive Discipline teachings in Nashville, while being currently enrolled in the Year Long Certification Mindfulness Program with Mindful Schools with a completion date of July 2018.  Bela attends retreats and trainings as often as possible and stays connected with the mindfulness community in the local and global community.